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About us
   UNITED FAITH Atuo-Engineering CO.,LTD,Focusing on the automotive industry and household appliances, energy, construction, aviation and shipbuilding and other industrial areas to provide professional equipment and tools, product design and development, manufacturing, construction and technical services, and other comprehensive capacity. Group was founded in 1989, has 25 years of development history.
   Group subsidiary Shanghai Escondi Auto Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 by the world's major tightening system development and manufacturing enterprises in Japan Estic Corp and letter state group co-funded the establishment. Japan's Estic Corp is a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which specializes in the production of production line tightening equipment, servo press and special equipment in the automotive and other industrial sectors. Shanghai ESTIC Automobiles Equipment Co., Ltd. was established more than 10 years for hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises to provide nearly 1,000 devices, the rapid promotion of the Chinese market with the top three industries.
   In 2007, UNITED FAITH Group invested in UNITED FAITH Industrial Park in Huadu District, Guangzhou City, covering an area of 39,609.66 square meters and planning a construction area of 23,935 square meters. Mainly engaged in the production and integration of automobiles production welding and assembly line design, including automation equipment, tools and parts; automobiles, motorcycle mold, fixture design and manufacturing; high-performance welding robots and efficient welding production equipment manufacturing; precision online measurement equipment development And manufacturing; sales of the enterprise products at the same time provide quality after-sales service. The main enterprise Guangzhou UNITED FAITH Automobiles Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was identified as high-tech enterprises by the Guangdong Provincial Government.
   In 2010, UNITED FAITH Group and the world's leading automotive body engineering, body mold, inspection design, welding the whole line design and manufacture of well-known enterprises, "Japan Fuji Assembly System Co., Ltd." became a strategic partner in Guangzhou, China set up a joint venture " Fuji (guangzhou) Assembling systme Co., Ltd. ", based in Guangzhou, serves the nation and specializes in providing professional equipment for the automotive industry with comprehensive capabilities such as design, integration, engineering, manufacturing and provision of services.
   In 2012, the UNITED FAITH Group joined forces with China's auto industry engineering company to acquire Fuji Assembly System, Inc. Perfect combination, make full use of their own advantages and resources, in the key manufacturing technology on the planned use of technology introduction, self-design and development and production. At present in the production bus transmission line, production line logistics system, automotive assembly industrial robot automatic filling system, industrial robots automatic coating system, car assembly line, engine production line and parts automatic assembly system, production process automation testing and quality assurance system, Integrated function identification system and assembly tool systems and other fields have a leading domestic level. It is the rich design and production experience and core technology integration of these key processes and equipment, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the UNITED FAITH Group.
   In order to provide customers with quality personal services, the Group in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changchun and other cities set up a service system. Adhering to the "honest! Innovation! Service!" Business philosophy, along with China's rapid economic growth trend, and strive to build itself into independent intellectual property rights and development capabilities of the world-class Chinese industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises.

We offer a wide range of industry solutions:
  • The whole process of automobiles manufacturing solutions
  • Intelligent manufacturing solution system
  • Intelligent system integration solution
  • New energy vehicles and battery operation solutions

UNITED FAITH is a private high-tech enterprise founded in 1989. It is based in China and serves the world and specializes in providing professional intelligent automation equipment and solutions for the automotive, heavy industry and home appliance industry. With the rapid growth of China's economy, over the years accumulated a large number of high-quality customers, and along the "trade and technology" of the road to develop the industry with domestic and international design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and service capabilities, one of the industry's leading enterprises. UNITED FAITH has experience in overseas mergers and acquisitions, in recent years with the robot famous enterprises, Germany and Japan well-known enterprises in close cooperation in the global distribution of industrial 4.0 related projects, and actively develop new products to expand new markets.

Customer care

We are committed to care for every customer's needs. We strictly carry out the customer service provision, in the service of each process, let you have the joyful mood. If you have any questions or need our help, please contact our customer service team. We strive to achieve:

  • efficient;
  • frank、fair、polite;
  • Patience to listen to、A quick response;
  • To improve the professional knowledge and skills of team。
Quality assurance

The constant pursuit of quality is the letter of the entrepreneurial spirit. We not only make the product industry standards, but also beyond your expectations.

  • Strict quality management and auditing procedures
  • enthusiasm、Timely feedback to customers
  • Product improvement system
Environmental responsibility

United faith is an enterprise that values environmental protection and sustainable development. Our products and systems are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient and sustainable, and we are well aware of the responsibility of an important environmentalist.

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